Civil & Council

Total Water Management provides specialised pumps and trained personnel for civil and council projects throughout the whole of Queensland. We offer pumps for both dry or wet hire, including silenced cabinet pumps - ideal for residential areas.

Our civil works and council pump services include:

  • Site dewatering
  • Pump hire
  • Silenced cabinet pumps
  • Sewer bypass pumps
  • Wellpoint dewatering
  • Experienced water management technicians to handle pump installations
  • Skilled staff to monitor units

For fast and efficient wellpoint dewatering or sewer bypassing, we have the latest equipment as well as a fleet of Sykes Yakka 150 trailer mounted pumps. Our cabinet pumps come in 2 sizes, 6" and 8", which can handle both small and large-scale sewer bypassing or wellpoint dewatering projects.

With a maximum flow of 220 litres per second, noise rated at 62 - 67dba @ 7mtrs with no oily emissions or fumes, our environmentally friendly pumps will have your water management project finished rapidly. We have also included essential safety features, such as auto start and stop, and SMS alert for crucial sewer jobs.

Contact us today to arrange your complete civil and council water management needs.
Environmental Pump — Total Water Management in Pleystowe, QLD