At Total Water Management, we have been actively involved in the Mine Dewatering industry for over 18 years, and have mine site certified and experienced crews, as well as the latest high performance mine-spec trailer mounted and high head pit pumps to service your complete mine-site pit dewatering demands.

Our fleet of Sykes 6" and 8" trailer mounted CP150i Mine Spec pumps and our HH160i Head pit pumps have the capacity to pump water, slurry and solids up to 70mm in size, and have been factory fitted with an emergency stop feature, fire extinguisher work lights, lockouts and wheel chocks, to equip them to work on any mine site.

The HH160i pumps are designed to carry maximum flows of up to 188 litres per second, and with a shut-off delivery head of 140 metres, are renowned for safety and efficiency. This model also has full telemetry offering real-time data on pump performance including discharge pressure, suction lift, operating speed and engine temperature, to ensure you get optimal results.

Mine Pump Capabilities

  • CP150i Mine Spec pumps
  • HH160i Head pit pumps
  • Truflo 350/120 High Head Pumps
  • Truflo 150/140 High Head Pumps
  • For water & slurry
  • Handle solids up to 70mm in size
  • Flow rates up to 350 litres per second
  • Full telemetry of real-time data

All of our pumps have Cummins and Caterpillar engines installed, for superior pumping capacity and excellent fuel economy.
Mining Pumps — Total Water Management in Pleystowe, QLD