Pump Crews

At Total Water Management, we have a team of experienced water management technicians available to manage your pump and pipeline assets. Our technicians can be contracted to undertake your complete water management project as a crew, or alternatively train and work alongside your staff.

We have water management technicians to facilitate your complete pit dewatering and pipeline relocation requirements, so that your project runs smoothly without delays from groundwater build-up.

Our technicians specialise in supply, installation and monitoring of pumps and pipelines for mine site and pit dewatering.

Contact us today to discuss your water management staffing needs.

Careers Form

If you are interested in joining our team of water management technicians, and have the expertise to fulfill the requirements of the role efficiently, fill in our careers form listed below. We hire locally, as we believe in supporting our community.
Pump Crew — Total Water Management in Pleystowe, QLD