Site Dewatering

For all of your site dewatering needs, you can rely on Total Water Management. We have more than 18 years' experience in wellpoint dewatering throughout Central Queensland, and have the expertise to remove groundwater on your site quickly and efficiently - whatever scale your building or civil project.

A build-up of groundwater can result in project delays, and cost blow-outs, especially if contracted manpower and machinery are unable to work. By hiring our pumps and crew, or arranging for our consultants to design a watering system customised to your project, we can help minimise the threat and time of budget blowouts.

Total Water Management utilises the latest environmentally responsible silenced pumps, which have the following benefits:

  • Pumps silenced to (62dba)
  • Suitable for residential areas
  • No oily emissions
  • Peak flow capacity of 170 litres per second
  • Fuel efficient

Total Water Management can supply, install and monitor site dewatering systems from the Gold Coast to Port Douglas.
Site Dewatering Multistage — Total Water Management in Pleystowe, QLD